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Updates for April 2024

April Most venues are available year round, although in some climates, an outdoor setting in the dead of winter could be challenging!

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  • Edge of the World - B&B
    82-5889 Old Government Rd., Captain Cook, HI 96704 . Phone: 800 660-8491. Email: GPS coordinates: 19.477671 , -155.89835 .  Join our ohana in Captain Cook on the Kona coast of the Big Island for a while. Our aim is to make you like it enough to come back again to our bed and breakfast some day. Many folks, in our 14 years of running the B&B, do. You should find the things you need to know to make your decision about whether or not to stay here. If you can't find something, or if you have any questions, you can give us a toll free call or write..  Directions: Here are the directions for getting here from the Kona airport. The Edge of the World is about 19 miles from Keohole (Kona) airport. Turn right on Rte. 19, which becomes Rte. 11 after Kailua-Kona town. You\'ll pass the Manago Hotel (between 110 and 109 mile markers) on your right as you enter the small town of Capt. Cook. On your left you\'ll pass the fire station, post office, and Kealakekua Ranch Center. Two streets past the Kona Theater, (the first street is Anoi Place) maybe half a mile, you will make a right turn. (This turn is about 200 yards BEFORE the 109 mile marker.) At that intersection you will see a one foot by six foot wooden sign saying \"McCoy Plantation.\" Turn right there and remain on that road for the next two tenths of a mile (Don\'t drive down Coffee Drive.)(Please drive slowly from here to the Edge, as roads are narrow and visibility poor.) After two tenths you will see a small one foot by two foot sign with the number 82-5899, a two foot square sign that says \"Hale Mauka\" (not us but a good turning landmark), and a white circle about two feet in diameter painted on the road. Turn right there (it looks kind of like a driveway) and proceed down a narrow, lush (almost jungle-like, without elephants and tigers) road for two tenths of a mile. You will pass two houses on your right, just keep going straight ahead, down a hill, up a hill and out of the lushness with coffee plants on your left and a small pasture on your right. When the pasture (and a low stone wall) end, you will turn right down the first cement driveway. You\'ll also see a six foot long white arrow painted in the road, and a small sign that says \"Edge\". It\'s a long driveway of about 400 feet, Don\'t stop at the first house on the right, or the second on the left which has a large green roof, just keep going until you come to The Edge of the World, where you\'ll see a very small sign. You\'ll see a modern looking two story structure, upper floor is redwood with blue roof, and the lower level is beige stucco. If you feel confused, just give me a call (808 328-7424), but our guests tell us the directions above are very good-- the road is just kind of bumpy about half way down the jungle road for 20 yards. (Please remember to copy and bring these directions.) Directions from the SouthFrom the south, you\'ll be seeing mile markers indicating the distance from Hilo on the side of the road. Approximately 100 yards after the 109 mile marker turn left (this is the first left after the 109 mm and also where you will find the McCoy Plantation sign). The rest is the same as from the north. . . Organic (USDA Certified), . . Payment: Cash, checks, . (UPDATED: 2022-09-30) .