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There are always farmer's markets I just haven't heard about .  If you know one that you think should be added , please tell me what you know about it here!  Click here to suggest a festival or event, instead of a farm.

If you are the market's owner/operator or you have detailed information about the market, DON'T use this form - this is for visitors and customers.  Owners, please use our detailed Add-My-FarmMarket submission page (click here: Add My Farm). Otherwise, just tell me what you know about the farm here, and I'll try to find them! Anything you can tell me is helpful!

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What can you tell us about the farm market?  Anything noteworthy or unusual, like crops grown on the premises, children's activities, special events, festivals, workshops?
Open hours: Can you tell us what months, days or hours are they open?
Other Practical information: Do they have restrooms or picnic area? Are they raising the crops organically? Do they take credit cards?  How about other activities, like a corn maze, hay maze, petting zoo, festivals, etc.?
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